Macron accepts prime minister's resignation, but successor undecided

French President Emmanuel Macron has accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Gabriel Attal following the ruling party's defeat in a lower house election. But Attal will stay on as the head of a caretaker government until his successor is decided.

Attal submitted his letter of resignation on July 8, the day after the runoff election for the French National Assembly.

The president's office says Macron accepted Attal's resignation on Tuesday, and that the entire cabinet will step down.

Macron's centrist ruling camp lost a significant number of seats in the National Assembly election.

A leftist alliance became the largest force, defying predictions that a far-right party would make a breakthrough.

But members of the alliance have yet to reach a consensus on who should be the next prime minister.

Attal appeared on local television on Tuesday. He said Macron had explained to him that it may take several weeks for a new prime minister to be appointed.

France's political situation remains unstable ahead of the opening of the Paris Olympics next week.

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