Former Trump rival Haley takes stage on Day 2 of Republican National Convention

Nikki Haley, who ran against Donald Trump in the US Republican presidential primary, called on people to support the former president in a speech at the party's national convention.

Haley, a former US ambassador to the United Nations, delivered the speech on Tuesday, the second day of the convention. The event is being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

During the presidential primary, the race whittled down to a one-on-one contest between Haley and Trump. After Haley lost, she distanced herself from the former president.

According to reports, Haley was not originally invited to the convention. But she was asked to give a speech after Trump survived an attempt on his life. The former president was shot during a campaign rally on Saturday.

Haley said Trump asked her to speak at the convention for the sake of "unity." She added that she has given Trump her "strong endorsement."

Haley spoke about American voters who do not always agree with the former president. She said: "My message to them is simple. You don't have to agree with Trump 100 percent of the time to vote for him."

Haley went on to say: "I'm here tonight because we have a country to save. And a unified Republican Party is essential for saving her."

Another former Trump rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, also took to the podium. He urged Republican supporters to send Trump back to the White House.

Trump appeared at the convention for the second straight day. He was seen clapping and smiling as his former rivals appealed for support and unity.

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